Cheers from Battle-Rattle!


  • Wash the Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chillers before first use.  There may be metal shavings left over from the machining process.  Trust me, metal splinters in your tongue will ruin your and your significant others weekend.
  • Do not drop the Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chillers into your glass.  They are solid stainless steel and will likely cause your glass to explode violently, potentially causing you to cut yourself or even worse, spill whatever you are drinking.
  • Do not let the Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chillers hit your teeth.  It will hurt and you may end up looking like a redneck.
  • For maximum safety, wear a PT belt while drinking.
  • Drink responsibly.  Don't be the reason for a Friday safety briefing (Unless you do something awesome, at which point video it, upload to youtube, and send us the link).
  • Do not allow children or farm animals to play with or handle the Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chiller.
  • Never let children mix your drinks.  It's unseemly and they use too much vermouth.
  • Never eat yellow snow.