Cheers from Battle-Rattle!



A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

The beginnings can be traced back to a friendly bet on a Gunnery Range at Ft Carson, CO.  When I was a young Platoon Leader my battle buddy and I wagered a bottle of scotch on who would earn the higher Gunnery score.  Thanks to an amazing Crew, and a lightning fast Gunner who was taught by an incredible Platoon Sergeant, I won that bet.   Fast forward a few years to 2003, and my buddy and I ran into each other in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.  As we sat there catching up we talked about that bottle of Scotch and how much we looked forward to drinking some when we one day made it home.  Of course, sitting in the heat he remarked that he wanted his nice and cold.  However, after several months of drinking piss warm ROWPU water out of a water buffalo I had vowed to never willingly drink water again (much to the dismay of my liver and kidneys) in any form including ice.  So how can you look forward to a nice cold glass of scotch without having it watered down with a couple of ice cubes?  When we got home, I took a wedge bolt from an Abrams end connector, and a bolt from a Bradley road wheel and kept them in the freezer to cool our scotch when he came over.  There is no telling what kind of cancer we will get from drinking out of glasses with CARC paint covered hunks of metal in them but it was the best damned glass of scotch I ever had.

A few months ago I stumbled upon that old wedge bolt and was inspired to design some whiskey chillers which were scale replicas of the things that are iconic of our time in the service.  I decided to make them out of Stainless Steel so they didn't change the taste of your booze and it has the added benefit that it doesn't cause cancer. 

Please join me in raising a glass to warriors past and present.